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A Sveltekit app template

A app development template to enable quick time to value

This app is a template for app development with [Sveltekit]( [Flowbite-svelte]( components are used extensively. The baseline...

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Your personal multiple calendar - appointment app

This app enables you to receive appointment requests via an invitation url or a event quicklink. The app supports multiple resource - calendars. ## Highlights - There is no limi...

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Share card image attachments

One of the many possibilities with Space Apps!

This use case serves to illustrate the endless possibilities to use a combination of Space Apps to help businesses. This blog focus on sharing image from within Trello to an exter...

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Taco Mail

Personalise your Trello Emails

This app gives you a personal email capability which you can use within your Trello automation **and/or any other apps**. It uses the http request to call your app. It is designe...

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